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Your Carpet Today, Landfill For The Next 100+ Years

That's right! The carpet you bought could end up in a landfill (and stay there for years!). According to an E.P.A. report, in the US, only 9.2 percent of carpets were recycled in 2018, 17.8 percent were combusted for energy recovery, and a staggering 73 percent of carpets ended up in landfill. This is an environmental concern because a majority of commercial carpets are made of non-recyclable materials and synthetic dyes that emit harmful effluents and take hundreds of years to degrade.

So, How Do We at Arattica Solve This Problem?

We are committed to offering the best, most beautiful handmade carpets that are also eco friendly. Our carpet is made with natural, recyclable materials such as cotton, jute, silk, wool and natural dyes. We ensure there are zero traces of plastics. No stone is left unturned in terms of carpet quality and environmental responsibility. Arattica promises to take action to solve this problem with an eco-friendly approach, with each thread woven with a promise of a greener planet and a sustainable lifestyle.


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