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5 Reasons to Choose Hand-made Rugs Over Machine made rugs

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

A well-decorated space is incomplete without carpets. Floor rug instantly cover-up the emptiness of a room and sets it with a pleasant welcoming ambiance.

Carpets have the tendency to create a visual pathway on the floor. It brings all the other decorative pieces together and gives a cohesive look to the living space. Be it the seating area of any establishment or your dining area, a carpet injects color and character into the room.

Since carpets are an important statement piece in interior design, choosing the right one can be a bit of a challenge for many people. Hand-made and machine-made are the two traits that often jumble the buyer to make the right choice.

As a renowned carpet manufacturer and familiarized in this industry, we at ARATTICA want to break this down to help customers in taking an informed decision. This article will make you understand the major difference between hand-made and machine-made carpets and why choosing a hand-made rug is best for your home.

How hand-made and machine-made carpets are made

Before we jump on to the comparison, it is important to know the manufacturing process of these two kinds of carpets for better understanding.

Hand-made carpets are fabricated majorly in two ways. Hand-knotting and hand-tufting.

In hand-knotting, every single thread is tied by the weaver and creates a beautiful design. This meticulous work demand more time and exceptional skill. In hand-tufting, using a tufting gun wool strands are punched into the base material to make a beautiful rug.

While on the flip side, machine-made carpets are mass-produced in the power looms. The whole manufacturing process, designing, and specialized multi-sewing needles are controlled by computers.

Thus, hand-made and machine-made are two differently featured products, and various strands set them apart. Here is the list of 5 prime factors that influence your choice in carpet selection and owe the worthiness of hand-made carpets.

1. Quality

Hand-made carpets possess unparallel quality compared to any other form of carpet. Right from handpicking the fine raw material to precisely hand-weaving, they never compromise with the quality. The Slower process of handmaking results in high-quality carpets.

In hand-made carpets, the knots are densely placed to sustain the heavy foot traffic and still retain their charm for a prolonged time. Hand-made carpets have the natural possession to hold their shape for a long duration.

Arattica has super standard resources and honed artisans to produce the best quality carpets. We ensure all our carpets meet the quality check before it reaches the customer.

2. Durability

When you buy a hand-made carpet, you do not just own it. You look after it and pass on the good memories to the next generation.

The natural fibers and the conventional weaving method make a hand-made carpet highly durable. With tender care, they can be handed down to many generations. A hand-made carpet does not merely sit on the floor as a statement piece, instead, it is staged as a memory bank. Since every knot entangles a blissful memory, it will be treasured as a family heirloom.

On the other hand, a machine-made carpet wears out quickly and can only last for a several years. Eventually, they get discarded and supplement additional trash to the landfill.

At Arattica, we consider the durability aspect of the carpet with sheer attention and manufacture sturdy, rich textured and substantiate hand-made carpets which endure through generations.

3. Unique design

In making hand-made carpets, each weaver draws inspiration from their surroundings and culture to incorporate into the design. Thus every hand-made rug is a unique display of human skill and is a one-of-a-kind piece.

The distinctiveness of the hand-made carpet deems more value as the same artisan cannot make two exact similar carpets. He integrates his personal touch while spinning every knot of the carpet and curate an eccentric floor rug.

Furthermore, hand weaving allows to create peculiar designs and enables to experiment with the desired shape, size and pattern. The detailed workmanship and adept skill of the craftsman bring an elegant carpet that brightens up a dismal space.

On the contrary side, machine-made carpets are mass-produced. The exact similar design is reduplicated and manufactured in large quantities. The design may look alluring but they lack the distinctive feature.

We, at Arratica want our customer to represent their individual persona through the choice of their floor rug. We wish our unique design and pattern collection should make the buyer celebrate their identity and personality.

4. Sustainability

As the environmental crisis is increasing gradually, it is inevitable to be more mindful towards nature and practice sustainable choices.

Most of the hand-made carpets are eco-friendly and do not leave carbon residue on the planet. They make use of natural materials, natural dyes and incorporate clean processes in manufacturing.

But the counterpart to that, machine-made carpets utilize polymer materials and cause a radical effect on the environment. The synthetic fibers used in these carpets are non-biodegradable. When they get thrown out, they take several years to break down and eventually release harmful chemicals polluting the atmosphere.

Whereas, the Arattica is founded with the mission to be empathetical about the environment and produce eco-conscious products. We are gratified that all our carpets are sustainable and we ensure minimal waste during the manufacturing.

5. Hand-made carpet is the depiction of art and storytelling

A hand-made carpet portrays the rich heritage and culture of the craftsman. Every carpet is the result of dedicated artistic work. They convey a story, the story of tradition, and the story of life. A skilled weaver expresses his imagination by creating a graceful rug.

This method of hand-weaving aid to revive the conventional skills and helps to carry forward this artistic legacy to further generations.

Whereas the machine employed carpet sits as a cold statement piece on the floor. The automatic manufacturing process neither lets them add human emotion nor their story.

Apart from all these 5 major pointers, a few more additional benefits add to the list. Hand-made carpets have the natural potential for stain and slip resistance.

They are non-allergic and do not emit any chemicals to the surrounding. In point of fact, wool, an organic fiber that is extensively used in the hand-made carpet has the innate property of purifying the air.

Additionally, the natural fibers and the dyes used to make hand-made carpets are sourced from agricultural land. This in turn uplifts the related farming community and its economy.

How to find the difference between handmade and machine-made rugs

To know if the carpet is hand-made or machine-made, we have to take the close look at the carpets and have to make a detailed analysis. Here are some methods to differentiate hand-made carpets from machine-made.

1. Checking the fringes of the rug.

Fringes are the extra strands of wool tasseled at the end of the carpet. In hand-made carpets, they are part of weaving and are left at the end to secure the knots.

In machine-made carpets, the fringes are attached after they get stitched in the power looms. They do not embody the foundation of the carpet and look like the fringes are sewed to the carpet.

2. Checking the edge finishing of the carpet.

In hand-made carpets, there will be no visible stitches at any of their edges. The tight knots hold the carpet and sealed the edges without any adhesives.

But on the rear side of machine-made carpets, the extra fibers are glued or stitched to secure the edges.

3. Checking the backside of the rug.

If we flip a hand-made carpet, the underside of it will have uneven weavings and knots. It shows the detailed workmanship of the weaver. Additionally, if observed closely or squeeze the carpet, we can see every knot tied by the weaver.

4. Look and feel of the carpet

An easy way to differentiate a hand-made carpet from a machine-made is to sense the softness of the rug. A hand-made carpet carries soft touch and gentleness in its look. They provide soothe and supple feel to the feet.

But a machine-made carpet is not as soft as the hand-made one because of the synthetic materials used in its manufacturing.

A carpet is the first and most picked decorative element. It gives a vivid definition to the room and a lot more options to play with other decorative pieces. This comprehensive detail on the comparison of hand-made and machine-made carpets will help you to make the perfect choice of carpet.

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