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Introducing you to the exciting world of Handmade Rugs- “ARATTICA” a world of timeless beauty and cultural mystique that has remained virtually unchanged for centuries.


We draw from the timeless traditions guiding the stitching of India’s world- renowned stylish Carpets and ship them across the country and even the globe.

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The artistic flair of our rugs stems from the traditional weaving process that has been refined and perfected over thousands of years throughout Central Asia and the Middle East . The beauty and intricate designs of rugs are a reflection of this history and the daily lives of those that craft these

With the Dramatic changes in today’s handmade Carpet Industry, We have beautifully molded  ourselves to suit the needs and aspirations of the modern times by dealing with myriad styles and fabrics to suit the changing trends.

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You can choose from our wide range of designs or share your favourite sketch, image, painting, inspiration or story and customise as per your preference.

What covers your floor is just as important as anything in your space.

Carpets have transcended through time and age only to become an extension of an individual’s personality rather than being a mere piece of home decor.

This “Arattica” is a symbol of ultimate craftsmanship. Empowering artisan communities and bringing the best to customers.

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