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How to Choose the Best Carpet for the Bedroom

There is more to designing your bedroom rather than just placing every piece of furniture wherever they fit. A little planning and investing in good functional products will transform your room to a personal sanctuary.

The bedroom is one such place in the house where you feel yourself and fall in love with yourself. It is the place where we start and end our day. While designing the interior of a bedroom space you would want every piece to be right and made for you. The bedroom decor has a significant role in enhancing your mood every time you walk into the room.

One of the things that can assure to provide a great decore is rolling out a good plush of carpet on the floor. A carpet not just spruces up the decore but also dampens the noise, keeps the room cozy, retains the warmth, and also demands easy regular maintenance. The carpet has become a practical decore object to create a classic visual in the bedroom.

Speaking of the best carpets, Arratica is a renowned carpet manufacturer and seller in the market. We put diligent effort into making the best quality carpets that will create a retreating experience for any s

pace. Having the experience and expertise in this area, here we are listing some important things you should consider before making a carpet purchase for your bedroom.

  1. Material of the carpet

Hopping out of the bed to feel the warmth underfoot is an ideal delight to start the day. It will energize you to get going with the day’s routine, especially in winter or cooler climatic regions.

The material type a carpet is made up of has a significant contribution to its quality, comfort, and durability. Among the pool of different materials, Nylon, Polyester, cotton, and wool dominate in the user choice.

While Nylon and Polyester are economical and offer a wide range of designs to choose from, wool, cotton, and other natural or plant-based fiber materials are more eco-friendly and come with a high rate of cost-to-value ratio. Comparatively wool and cotton possess high robustness and will long for a prolonged period thus eliminates the nuisance of frequent replacement of carpets with the new ones.

On that note, we at Arratica make use of superior quality natural fibers to fabricate comfortable carpets with appealing designs. Our collection not just has a great design but also well-performing quality carpets.

Bonus tip: carpet absorbs noise better than any other flooring type. So it is one of the best choices to have a relaxing bedroom atmosphere.

2. Texture and Style of the carpet

When decorating the bedroom you would want to listen to your heart than following trends to create a personalized and pleasant space. Having a poorly textured and mismatched carpet is the last thing we want in our room.

The Carpet texture can be assessed based on how they are made or how the fibers are weaved. Since the bedroom has got less foot traffic compared to the living room or hallway, a textured carpet adds as a design statement to the floor and provides irresistible comfort.

While talking about comfort, carpet comes in a range of thicknesses, densities, and piles which decides how plush and soft they are. Higher the pile, the more comfortable it will be for the foot. On the other hand, low pile carpets will be more durable.

While considering the style of the carpet, we tend to be open to the ocean of choices. Pattern, stripes, solid color, and many others. But the best suitable one for your room comes down to your personal taste and preference.

If you are up for a minimal decoration, a solid neutral color would be relevant for the theme. Additionally, solid-colored carpet is a universal style and lets you to be more flexible with other decore pieces of the room. However, if you are up for a pop of striking element in your room you can opt for a less-loudly patterned carpet to avoid an asymmetric look in the room.

But not to forget, make sure your curtains are either matching or is in contrast with the carpet. Both curtain and carpet with busy pattern creates a diluted look and strain the eyes.

At Arratica, we have a fascinating design collection that stacks up well on the floor and adorns your bedroom space. For that matter, the Ira collection, whose designs are modest, earthy, and alluring. They can be rolled out under the bed or can be placed at the side of the bed to create an effortlessly attractive bedroom space.

Our hand-tufting collection also has a range of sleek and elite-quality carpets which are super functional and will adorn the bedroom floor.

Bonus tip: A good carpet is non-slippery and can be a great fall-breaker. A sturdy carpet is a good addition to the kid's bedroom.

3. Color of the carpet

Color is an essential deciding factor in a beautiful-looking interior. Especially with bedroom decoring, the color should stimulate a sense of relaxation. Even though you might want to go ahead with your personal taste and preference, it is important to know that different colors have a specific effect on our mindset and associate differently with our personality.

To throw some light on that, dark or bold shades of colors like black and red create a strong ambiance. For a master bedroom or for large rooms, dark colors gracefully accentuate the floor. Since a carpet is a focal element of the room and takes up a significant area of the floor, sometimes dark colors may give a washed-out look to the room. Particularly for a bedroom with less light or lets in bare sunlight, it is better to avoid dark-colored carpet as it further diminishes the brightness of the room.

Moving forward with colors, some loud tones like yellow, orange, and brown gives a cozy perception to the room. But with these shades of colors, they can be too much for the eyes and are more likely to create a sense of irritation.

Soft tones of colors like grey, beige or light shades of blue and green are the ideal suit for the bedrooms. They open up the space for a more retreating aura and integrate the feeling of calm and comfort. Soft colors also help with better sleep.

However, if your floor is more prone to stains or you have kids or pets in the house (kid's bedroom for that matter), it is good to choose a darker color carpet to avoid those visible stains.

As these factors are noteworthy, at Arratica we have a vivid range of colors to cater to all tastes and preferences. We mostly use natural dyes that stay and do not fade for a long-lasting time.

Bonus tip: Pick one bold element of the room and plan the color of the carpet around it.

4. Budget of the carpet

By keeping the budget fixed on your mind, you can wind up your carpet purchasing with a breath of relief. While the budget is subjective, a lot of aspects like material, type of manufacturing, area of the floor to be covered, and density of knots all of these influence the cost of estimation.

A key consideration in purchasing and setting up the budget is to know the square foot area of the floor that needs to be covered. There are several ways in which we can spread the carpet across the bedroom floor to enhance the aesthetic of the room.

  • A wall-to-wall carpet covers the entire floor of the bedroom. This insulates the room to keep it warm and cozy which apparently is the primary goal of many.

  • There can be a large-sized carpet that runs under the bed and extends to sufficient length all across the circumference of the bed.

  • There are small and medium-sized carpets which are to place at the side of the bed or to cover a specific area of the bedroom in particular. On another note, some prefer to place the carpet at the tail of the bed just to entice the look of the bedroom.

It is best to decide the positioning of the carpet beforehand and measure the area of the floor accordingly to make the process of carpet installation hassle-free.

Besides this, the carpets are majorly differentiated into hand-made (Hand-knotted, Handtufted, Flatweave, Handloom) and machine-made. Each of them has its respective feature and accordingly differs in the price range.

For a bedroom, a hand-knotted or a hand-tufted would be recommended as they earn more marks in quality, comfort, and durability and outclass other types of carpets. Also, they perform very well and are less likely to flatten over time.

Decorating and re-modeling a bedroom for a classy look is just a good carpet away. With this comprehensive buying guide, you can conclude your carpet purchase with the best and most appropriate one.

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