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After Launching our Ira Collection, We Wanted to Talk More About -

What makes this collection special?

Ira collection is inspired by the colours and essence of Nature and Earth. We

wanted the designs to exhibit the beautiful and stunning patterns that our Earth and

Nature emit. The beauty of this is so vast that we decided to recreate it in our carpet

designs and artwork.

Ira Collection

Ira collection's carpets are all hand-knotted. Each thread is handwoven by an

artisan to bring the designs to life. We wanted to craft something as valuable as

nature to mesmerize future generations with the art of carpet. Our designs reflect

current fashion trends that are modern and classy while staying true to the roots of

timeless traditions that guide the stitching of our carpets.

Ira collections

With rooms and spaces becoming extensions of our lifestyle, we at Arattica wanted

to present options that will grab your attention and speak volumes as you walk on

our carpets. We also promise to play an active role in being environmentally

sustainable by using all-natural fabrics in our carpets. Feel the difference with our

Premium luxurious carpets.

Get in touch with us, we'll love to help you out!

Contact details

Malika S: +91 880 080 6534

Maneeth S: +91 808 059 2109

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