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Acacia - Floral Carpet Collection of Arattica

Flowers are universally admired, so periodically floral rugs are among the most enduring and prevalent styles. Nothing moves the eyeball like a floral design.

Acacia, a floral design collection of carpets from Arattica is the representation of nature and the depiction of refreshment. These centerpieces gracefully embrace the floor and reflect the close harmony with nature. The vibrant color and nature-inspired floral design add an attractive focal point to the room. Popping up one of these carpets brings an earthy and blossoming vibe to any establishment.

Acacia carpets are fabricated using 100% wool and cotton material. Using these organic materials and incorporating less waste production methods to manufacture is making them a sustainable statement piece. These are the soft and perfect touch to your feet as well as to the environment.

Acacia floor rugs are weaved through the hand-tufting method. Bold and subtle floral patterns carved from a tufting gun provide naturalistic charm to residential spaces. hand-tufting allows to create a lot more additional patterns and versatile designs.

A flower is a thing of beauty and joy of forever. As the affirmation of this famous quote, designing an interior can never go wrong with a floral element. Floral design is the celebration of nature. Adding an Acacia carpet is the easiest way to accentuate any living space.


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